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Passionate Developer, Student, and generally all-round awesome dude.

About Me

I am a 19 year old student from Wellington New Zealand, studying Engineering at Victoria University.

With experience all over the tech stack, I am an engineer at heart, and love solving problems. Over the summer, I worked as a software development intern for Kordia. Last summer I interned at Aviat Networks on the hardware team.

I am a jack of all trades, with my primary interests in automation and infrastructure, and full stack web development. I always like to focus on things that make life better for people! I've recently been dipping my toes into IoT and AI applications.

When not caught up with uni, I like longboarding, mountain biking and am a keen gamer.

About This Website

This website is my creative outlet. It showcases some of my projects that I have been working on over the years, as well as showing my personal interests. Completely hand-coded from scratch, this responsive website uses the Flask Python Micro-framework and Bootstrap.

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I am confident in both low and high level programming on multiple platforms. I have also dipped my toes into PHP, Ruby, and Matlab.


I've also built projects using Jenkins CI, gitlab, Flask, and Nginx.



For our final year high school robotics project, we were approached by the art students to construct a device that could “enhance events photography and videography through aerial photos and videos”. They wanted a camera that could ‘capture intense moments of action and school chanting from aerial angles that normally would be inaccessible’.

Our solution was a single axis Wirecam with integrated gimbal. After following a rigorous development cycle that involved stakeholder feedback at almost every step of the way, our project was a great success. Fully radio controlled and with a top speed of 18km/h, the project taught me a great deal about time management, communication skills and sticking to the brief!

  • Arduino
  • Lazer Cutting
  • Electronics/Interfacing
  • Engineering Design Cycle
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My testing environment for learning networking, devOps, security, and enterprise level infrastructure hardware.

I host this lab from my flat and it provides internet to all my flatmates as well as services such as a media server, file server, game servers, a wiki, gitlab, and a bunch of other stuff. I also have a bunch of DIY IoT devices around the house feeding into a central home automation platform.

The homelab is still in active development and I am tinkering with stuff every day. My next steps are to play with distributed/fault tolerant servers (database clustering, Load balancing etc), cloud computing and infrastructure automation and emulation (GNS3, Openstack).

  • VMWare ESXi, vCenter
  • Switches, Routers, Firewalls, VLANs
  • Automation (Ansible, Jenkins CI)
  • Software Defined Networking (ish)
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Made for the Summer of Tech Web Weekend Challenge, Our team of four (two developers, two designers) designed a solution for the following problem:

Providing government service information in a more accessible, simplified, concise and personalised manner to people who are otherwise dismayed by visiting government websites for accessing information.

I elected myself as team leader and learnt alot about the importance of good communication, regular standups and delegating tasks properly. Our team focussed on the front-end development, and our biggest challenge was building a data model with all possible services. We considered accessibility issues and the best ways to provide a single portal for users to find the information and services they need.

  • Agile/Team Management
  • Javascript
  • Rapid prototyping
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Graphing the commute time to Uni from different possible wellington flats

2018-03-23 | Python , Html , Web ,

Using python, trademe web scraping and the google maps API, I was able to make a graph of transit and walking time to Kelburn university from various flats for rent in the wellington region to try figure out the average time it would take to get to uni.

My smart home, more server stuff, and plans for IoT

2018-02-20 | IoT , Python , Arduino , Html , Web ,

This post details some of the things I have made around the house for my Internet of things/home automation setup, and some ideas that I hope to put into my bedroom at home.

Dino - An 8-bit, gun-wielding dinosaur game!

2017-10-30 | Processing , Games ,

Completely ripping off the sprites from the google chrome offline page, save princess diana-saur from the angry pterodactyls in this hectic little game! Made with processing for my computer graphics course, I intend on adding some more features and making it into a full game.

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